~ “Such Wicked Intent” by Kenneth Oppel Book Review ~

Hello, everyone! :) I haven’t been blogging in a while and I’m sorry about that (because I know that you miss my posts … aha, probably not). But please enjoy this review of Kenneth Oppel’s second novel in “The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein” series, “Such Wicked Intent”!

Even though I haven’t yet read the first book in the series, “This Dark Endeavour”, “Such Wicked Intent” was explained very well and was simple to understand, even if you didn’t have much background knowledge. In the book, Kenneth explains that the main character, Victor, had a twin brother named Konrad who had become extremely ill. Victor, in the previous book, had discovered a “Dark Library” and found books with so-called recipes for cures that would (hopefully) rid his brother of his disease. Did it work? Despite sacrificing two fingers on his right hand on the quest to find the ingredients in the medicine, Victor had failed to cure his brother. But there was more yet to come.

In “Such Wicked Intent”, the story starts off with Victor and his castle servants burning all the books in the “Dark Library” as a promise that he will never trust the dark books which were lies and false guarantees. But when Victor, along with his friend, Henry and Konrad’s beloved lover, Elizabeth (whom of which Victor may or may not have feelings for), discover an even deeper secret that may bring Victor’s brother back, they find out that they may have bit off more than they can chew.

Without spoiling this book, I’ll try to give a some-what brief “What would I rate this book?” and “Why?”. Here goes:

From the moment I started this book, it was nearly impossible to put down. “Such Wicked Intent” is so full of suspense, mystery and had a very ghostly, supernatural feel to it. It’s so realistic, yet so unrealistic. The characters seem so real and so defined, while the story itself is hard to believe, but easy to picture. Kenneth Oppel does a tremendous job of describing the settings, the characters and est of all, the feelings. There is so much emotion put into this, emotions expressing death, life, re-birth, love, longings, anger, sadness, loneliness and best of all, fear. Victor, Henry, Elizabeth and Konrad become involved in some of the most intense battles I’ve ever read about. My rate for this book? 5 stars/5stars: *****! :) Well done, Kenneth Oppel!

Sound interesting? Pick up a copy of “This Dark Endeavour” or “Such Wicked Intent”, today! Happy reading, everyone! :D


~ [Gorgeous!] City Magic Painting by Leonid Afremov! ~

~ [Gorgeous!] City Magic Painting by Leonid Afremov! ~

Leonid Afremov has done it once again! He never fails to disappoint, as my favourite oil painter. This painting is so colourful and lively, even though the setting is clearly set at night and appears to be raining. Wonderful masterpiece!


~ Frozen (the Disney movie) Review! ~

~ Frozen (the Disney movie) Review! ~

Meet Anna, a brave, bold, curious and absolutely fearless young lady! You see, the land of Erindale has been trapped underneath a spell of eternal winter. The only one who has the power to stop it is Anna’s sister, Elsa, who has disappeared on the night she became the official Snow Queen. As Anna looks for Elsa, she crosses paths with Kristoff, a cautious, determined and caring guy who decides to join Anna on her quest. As they carry on with their mission, they meet another man, well, er, snow-man, named Olaf. Olaf is funny, silly and is a very unique character! Will they all manage to save Erindale from the curse of frozen land? Watch Frozen to find out!

I really liked Frozen because it wasn’t your average love story. Frozen had some emotional factors to it, but the story was not based on a character’s feelings or love towards another character. Frozen was also very funny! I must applaud them for the making of Olaf, who is, definitely, my favourite character. The musical numbers were fantastic! My favourite song out of all of them was definitely Let it Go. The scene when Elsa made her ice castle was just mesmerizing! Great graphics and amazing effects all resulted in the awesome movie called: Frozen!


~ Dear George Clooney, Please Marry My Mom [by Susin Nielsen] Book Review! ~

~ Dear George Clooney, Please Marry My Mom [by Susin Nielsen] Book Review! ~

Susin Nielsen has once again failed to disappoint me with this amazing novel! I will get to my opinions and thoughts on this book, right after a brief summary:

Violet Gustafson, a 12 year old girl, is left with her mother, Ingrid, and her younger 5 year old sister, Rosie after her somewhat famous director father, Ian is caught with another woman: a young actress named Jennica. Violet’s dad decides to leave the Violet, Ingrid and Rosie for Jennica and starts his own family. Due to financial issues, Violet’s side of the family is now poorer than ever, while Ian and Jennica are basically bathing in their wealth. As Violet’s mom struggles to find another man, Violet soon finds out that if she doesn’t take matters into her own hands, the results could mean another betraying and jerk-face father. Violet, along with her bff, Phoebe decide that the perfect man for Ingrid must be none other than George Clooney himself! So, can they pull off the perfect plan? Read ‘Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom’ by Susin Nielsen to find out!

Susin Nielsen really does a great job of describing and clarifying the personality of all her characters. You’re able to clearly identify that:
~ Violet is a determined [stops-at-nothing], motivated, strategic, sneaky and smart pre-teen, who does what she has to do (and what she doesn’t have to to do!), without hesitations.
~ Ingrid is an emotional, hard-working, selfless single mother struggling to find herself a husband and a caring father for her two girls.
~ Rosie is a curious, trusting, honest and out-going little optimist.
~ Ian is a wealthy man who is Violet’s eyes: an ex-dad, a jerk and a cheater, in Ingrid’s eyes: an ex-husband, player and selfish man and in Rosie’s eyes: a faraway dad.
~ Jennica is a self-centered, somewhat caring, fashionista who tries to get along with Violet and Rosie, even though Violet has an attitude that you can’t ignore!
I really loved this book because the plot was as realistic as the characters. Susin combined the right amount of humor, emotion and disbelief to create ‘Dear George Clooney, Please Marry My Mom’!


~ Counting Back From Nine by Valerie Sherrard Book Review! ~

~ Counting Back From Nine by Valerie Sherrard Book Review! ~

Let’s start by congratulating this book for being nominated as an official Red Maple 2014 selection! Counting Back From Nine tackles a very romantic and dramatic view of life as a high schooler, specifically – Laren Olivier. Laren finds herself caught up in a relationship with one of her best friend’s ex-boyfriends, Scott. When she finally blurts out the truth to her four closest buds, she manages to lose them all. Later, she confronts a tragedy that has affected her family. However, as Laren digs deeper into the situation, she founds out that everything she believes in may be as good as nothing. In the end, Laren learns from all nine events leading to the life she has now. I thought this book organized the events very well, but I think there was a bit too much going on. However, Valerie Sherrard had written with much experience, as if all that had happened in this book, really and truly happened. … and did it? I guess we’ll never know!


~ See No Evil by Diane Young Book Review! ~

~ See No Evil by Diane Young Book Review! ~

If you love books that are suspenseful, dark any mysterious, this is the book for you! See No Evil by Diane Young is a book from the Orca Currents series, so it is not such a big book. It’s short and straight to the point. See No Evil is about a high schooler named Shawn and his friend Daniel, who encounter something (and someone!) you wouldn’t want to see in a dark alleyway. Let’s just say Shawn and Daniel may not be as safe as they believe …