“MasterChef Canada Season 2” Fanfiction Part 1

If you truly know my blog, I don’t write about fanfictions at all. But this actually came to me and I was inspired to write about it. That being said, I know that “MasterChef Canada” is not a very common topic to write about these things so if you’re unsure about the characters I’m talking about and would like to have a better visual representation of them in your head, you can search them up as “MasterChef Canada Season 2 ______________________” where the blank is the name of the contestant. πŸ™‚ (And one more note, even though this is in first person point of view, the “I” doesn’t necessarily mean me πŸ˜‰ )

And now *drum-roll*, it’s my pleasure to present:

A “MasterChef Canada Season 2” Fanfiction Part 1

It was my birthday. Funny enough, I wasn’t even sure how old I was. But it didn’t really matter because I was in the top 3 of MasterChef. Somehow, I had cooked my way into the MasterChef semi-finals, but my journey to get this far is a blur. I’m at my cooking station and when I look behind me, I see Cody and Sabrina. Seeing Sabrina’s pompous grinning face makes me remember that today is her Birthday, too. I’ve never made a big deal out of Birthdays. After all, to me, getting one year older doesn’t change much. But Sabrina went all out and decorated her station in streamers and posted letters that spelled out “Happy Birthday To Canada’s Next MasterChef, Sabrina”. Talk about over-confidence. Sabrina was now humming “Happy Birthday” to herself. Cody and I exchanged some looks, involving intense eyebrow raising and small chuckles, but Sabrina didn’t notice a thing. That’s when I realized that the judges weren’t even at the front. There was nothing in front of us; no cooking utensils; no Mystery Box with the ingredients we would be cooking with inside of it, besides our counter tops and ovens/stoves. The sound of a ringing bell rang through the room and papers appeared in front of us. I was utterly confused. I may not have remembered the details of my upbringing in the MasterChef kitchen but I knew that this was unusual … But I went with it. I read the paper, written in (I assumed) Sabrina’s handwriting. This is precisely what it said:

Sabrina’s Birthday Bonanza
Who: {My name}
Where: The MasterChef Canada kitchen
When: May 17th
Why: Sabrina’s 27th Birthday, of course! πŸ˜‰
What: Today, you’ll be baking the most amazing Birthday cake in honour of Sabrina’s Birthday!Β After crowning the best Birthday cake of the bunch, we’ll be headed to my parent’s house for a Birthday dinner.Β 


So we baked for a while. A long while. Which was weird because usually, there would be a clock at the front counting down from usually 60 minutes. And Chef Alvin Leung informing us (rather loudly) that we had 30 minutes to go, 15 minutes to go, 5 minutes to go, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Time’s Up! But there was none of that today. Everyone was calm, cool and collected which was extremely strange. I took a shot at making a strawberry mousse cake and it actually turned out pretty nice. I garnished it with some strawberry halves and edible pink glitter. I looked behind me and saw that Sabrina had done a chocolate cake topped with chocolate leaves and Cody had done a lemon cake garnished with halves of lemons. Our cakes looked delicious but I still couldn’t understand why the judges weren’t at the front, getting ready for tasting. After a few minutes of silence and Sabrina fixing little things on her cake, we walked around, cutting into each other’s cakes, tasting and giving subtle compliments on the “technique used in creating such a fluffy consistency”. Then, being the “take charge” person that Sabrina was, she clapped her hands together so that all (four) eyes were on her and smiled then said “Let’s play some party games”. While I was unsure whether or not I groaned out loud, it’s important to know that I. Hate. Party. Games. And playing them with Sabrina? Really? Happy Birthday to me.


After treacherous rounds of “Truth or Dare?” and “Would You Rather … ?”,we ended up being forced to write Sabrina a review of Sabrina’s “Birthday Bonanza” in the form of a poem … ??? When did this become a literature class? I thought we were in the most intense culinary competition … Guess they (not sure who “they” is either) decided to let us have a break, which was unusual as heck! Anyway, after I wrote down some nonsense about how Sabrina’s “plating skills were on point” and her “organization in the kitchen was unmatched” and after nothing was written about me, we all headed back to our hotel rooms. I found a note from chef Michael Bonnacini saying:

Sorry about that, everyone. Chef Alvin, Claudio and I had some business that we had to attend to. The only person we were able to contact was Sabrina so we told her to lead for the day. We’ll be back by tomorrow. Keep those knives sharp!
– MB



I took off my chef’s apron and realized that I was completely covered in flour. I guess you could say I’m not the neatest baker. For some reason, I had the urge to put on something nice. So I threw my dirtied clothes in the hamper and pulled on a white dress shirt with a black cardigan on top and my knee-length black skirt. More business-y than formal.

I headed into the lobby to see that Cody was sitting on the bench alone. I walked over, said “Hi” and we made small talk while waiting for Sabrina.

“You look nice, Cody.”
“I was just about the same about you.”
“Oh, thanks.”
“I almost forgot, Happy Birthday!”
“Haha, thanks.”

Then, Sabrina arrived, wearing a tight little red dress and the most glittery heels I’ve ever seen. I looked down at my simple black flats and smiled. At least I wouldn’t be getting blisters tonight. “Shall we go?” asked Sabrina. Cody and I shrugged. I guess we didn’t really have much of a choice. So we followed her into the spacious limousine. Cody and I sat side by side and Sabrina sat opposite of us.

“So, you guys liking my b-day celebration so far?”
I swear she winked at Cody.
“Uh, yeah, I’m having fun.” he replied.
I didn’t say anything. I don’t think she cared.

Soon, we arrived at our destination.

“The Walking Blog”: Why I Believe The Season 3 Protagionist Will Not Be Clementine

The Walking Blog

(Yes, I edited the photo above, using an image I found on Google Images)

Welcome to the first post on “The Walking Blog”!

If you have either played The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 or watched a YouTuber’s play through of it, you’ll know that the primary element of this series is a little girl named Clementine. She was not the protagonist of the first season; it was Lee:


But Lee’s goal (and ours) was to keep young Clementine safe in a world so damaged by the zombie apocalypse, and we did just that.


Clementine’s story was definitely a good one. She met a whole bunch of people who truly changed her life, some for the better and some … well, let’s not get into that.

Season1 S21 S2

The person who helped her along the way the most was definitely Lee. He taught her how to shoot a gun for the very first time; which is a mandatory skill to have in the apocalypse and he dedicated his life, his very last dying breath to keep her as safe as possible. Lee was her mentor, her father figured she looked up to and best of all, her friend.


But I believe that her story is now over.
It has been confirmed that Season 3 is in the process of being made as we speak; or as I type and as you read. But I, personally believe, that the protagonist for this season, will not be Clementine and for the following reasons:

  • At the end of Season 2, Clementine’s story branched off into too many possibilities
  • It would be extremely difficult for Telltale to pick up where they left off because the choices lead off into completely different plots/scenarios and involve different characters and settings


(Yes, I made this chart)

  • No, we don’t know what’s going to remain of Clementine’s time, here in The Walking Dead world but I believe it best to leave her story where it is with the main headline being: cliff-hanger

While I would love to be there with Clementine until the true end of her journey, it’d be difficult and truthfully, unnecessary for Telltale games to do so.


1st Blogging Update of 2015!

It’s been 19 days into 2015, therefore, I am 19 days late in saying, “Happy New Year!” to all my followers. Thank you so much for staying put, even though I’ve been neglecting my blogs. Just a few changes for this year’s blogging activities. I will be starting a couple of new “segments” or “topics” that will focus specifically on my opinions towards certain issues/conflicts. Here are a few I’m very excited to introduce:

1) The Walking Blog
This one focuses on The Walking Dead video game created by Telltale Games. While I am a big fan of the franchise, I haven’t been able to watch the AMC’s The Walking Dead show which I heard is also great.

2) Painter’s Portfolio
This one focuses on a selection of fantastic paintings I’ll come across, where I will give my critiques and personal opinions.

3) BooksR4U
A.K.A. “Books Reviewed For You”, which will feature a whole bunch of popular books reviewed by myself, along with personal recommendations and images.

I’m working on my 1st segment on “The Walking Blog” right now so I hope you guys stay tuned in!

~ “Such Wicked Intent” by Kenneth Oppel Book Review ~

Hello, everyone! πŸ™‚ I haven’t been blogging in a while and I’m sorry about that (because I know that you miss my posts … aha, probably not). But please enjoy this review of Kenneth Oppel’s second novel in “The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein” series, “Such Wicked Intent”!

Even though I haven’t yet read the first book in the series, “This Dark Endeavour”, “Such Wicked Intent” was explained very well and was simple to understand, even if you didn’t have much background knowledge. In the book, Kenneth explains that the main character, Victor, had a twin brother named Konrad who had become extremely ill. Victor, in the previous book, had discovered a “Dark Library” and found books with so-called recipes for cures that would (hopefully) rid his brother of his disease. Did it work? Despite sacrificing two fingers on his right hand on the quest to find the ingredients in the medicine, Victor had failed to cure his brother. But there was more yet to come.

In “Such Wicked Intent”, the story starts off with Victor and his castle servants burning all the books in the “Dark Library” as a promise that he will never trust the dark books which were lies and false guarantees. But when Victor, along with his friend, Henry and Konrad’s beloved lover, Elizabeth (whom of which Victor may or may not have feelings for), discover an even deeper secret that may bring Victor’s brother back, they find out that they may have bit off more than they can chew.

Without spoiling this book, I’ll try to give a some-what brief “What would I rate this book?” and “Why?”. Here goes:

From the moment I started this book, it was nearly impossible to put down. “Such Wicked Intent” is so full of suspense, mystery and had a very ghostly, supernatural feel to it. It’s so realistic, yet so unrealistic. The characters seem so real and so defined, while the story itself is hard to believe, but easy to picture. Kenneth Oppel does a tremendous job of describing the settings, the characters and est of all, the feelings. There is so much emotion put into this, emotions expressing death, life, re-birth, love, longings, anger, sadness, loneliness and best of all, fear. Victor, Henry, Elizabeth and Konrad become involved in some of the most intense battles I’ve ever read about. My rate for this book? 5 stars/5stars: *****! πŸ™‚ Well done, Kenneth Oppel!

Sound interesting? Pick up a copy of “This Dark Endeavour” or “Such Wicked Intent”, today! Happy reading, everyone! πŸ˜€

~ Frozen (the Disney movie) Review! ~

~ Frozen (the Disney movie) Review! ~

Meet Anna, a brave, bold, curious and absolutely fearless young lady! You see, the land of Erindale has been trapped underneath a spell of eternal winter. The only one who has the power to stop it is Anna’s sister, Elsa, who has disappeared on the night she became the official Snow Queen. As Anna looks for Elsa, she crosses paths with Kristoff, a cautious, determined and caring guy who decides to join Anna on her quest. As they carry on with their mission, they meet another man, well, er, snow-man, named Olaf. Olaf is funny, silly and is a very unique character! Will they all manage to save Erindale from the curse of frozen land? Watch Frozen to find out!

I really liked Frozen because it wasn’t your average love story. Frozen had some emotional factors to it, but the story was not based on a character’s feelings or love towards another character. Frozen was also very funny! I must applaud them for the making of Olaf, who is, definitely, my favourite character. The musical numbers were fantastic! My favourite song out of all of them was definitely Let it Go. The scene when Elsa made her ice castle was just mesmerizing! Great graphics and amazing effects all resulted in the awesome movie called: Frozen!